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New forecast up.
Hi all, Recapped the July 2016 S&P forecast, a couple really good moves followed by market going as Sideways. Have put up the currency pair AUD/USD for AUG 2016. The interesting thing is that the work on ALL of these forecasts was done in FEB 2016! So they are already 6 months old! Like Gann said, its just as easy to forecast 100 years in advance as it is to forecast next year! .
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Metals outlook
I had told a few people that metals would become active around late 2015. We had a December 2015 Low and its been up from there. Long term, over the next few years I see metals working their way higher... Economically the cycles have peaked and are pointing down into the 2021 time period. Many watch the U.S. market and as long as the U.S. is seen as a "safe haven" that may offset some of the economic decline in stocks as we go forward... .
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June Nifty
Hi all, for June the Nifty was chosen to show that Ganns systems are universal. The Nifty is India's "DOW" and is very volatile...if you know how to time the bigger moves its definitely a market to consider, providing options trading as well. While I expect Silver to head down to June 5, eventually I am looking for it to work its way higher. The book "Tunnel" by Gann is the most important book ever written on financial markets....
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April forecast is up.
Switched out the March 2016 EUR/USD for April 2016 S&P. March 30 2016. Also on this one look for a 'significant" turn mid to late April on the S&P. Nifty (Indian market) is currently heading up to a high around today then down to a low April 5. Gold High yesterday should go down to about Apr 4 then up to a High around April 9....
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Will be switching out soon.
Hi all, Currently the EUR/USD forecast is up. I forecast 7 instruments, 6 of which I share and 1 for my own personal trading which I do not share. I am going to rotate out the 6 forecasts from month to month, usually about the last week of the current forecast is when I switch out..
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