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W.D. Gann said it was just as easy to forecast 100 years in advance. This is what I have for the DOW in the first quarter of the year 2117: JAN 7 2117 HIGH, JAN 19 2117 LOW, FEB 9 2117 HIGH, MAR 4 2117 LOW, MAR 23 2117 HIGH. Note that I did not work out the orb solution so expect these turns to be off as much as 7 days either side...orb solution will get them to within 2 days either side...note these dates will produce the main trend..
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Hi all, We did Gold in October and it was rather sloppy as its the baby (newest) edition to the forecasts so I brought it back again after slightly improving it for the month of December 2016. Also, for Sand P expect Dec 3 Low and Dec 7 High, for Nifty expect Dec 1 High, Dec 7 Low and Dec 14 High, have a GREAT Holiday Season!!!.
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Yes that shiny metal that captivates many. That is the focus this October. Keep in mind that this is the newest edition to the markets I track with a time cycle and I have noticed errors in my work as I do not yet have all the KINKS worked out. So this is a learning experiment as I expect it to be rather "sloppy" compared to my other forecasts. The AUD/USD Pair that had been the Forecasted Market for August and September 2016 came out good with some really nice moves in it. Check out the recap video on my YT channel....
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DOW and the Indices
Expect the Major Stock Indices to show some softening in September and October. Overall the August AUD USD forecast was good and we are doing another month of it, so it is continued into September....
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