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If you are new to W.D. Gann’s trading methods, there are plenty of other informational sites out there.

If you have been around a while and have tried unsuccessfully to understand Gann’s method this site is for you.

Geometry, yes, easy to sell to the public but ineffective by itself. Some have spent tens of thousands trying to get the geometry working consistently. It is only through a deep understanding of Gann’s Time cycles that prediction becomes manageable.

This site has nothing to sell. It is here for your benefit. When you click on “the current forecast” tab above you will see a monthly forecast that is uploaded prior to the beginning of the month being forecasted. This forecast is constructed using W.D. Gann’s time cycles. It is through these type of cycles that price is knowable in advance.

Each specific date has an exact mathematical point that price heads to. What most are doing, when they study W.D. Gann, is leave these cycles out and go after the price geometry component. This is impossible which is why they cannot be consistent. W.D. Gann could forecast and in fact he did. Simply type in “W.D. Gann 1929 stock market forecast”, into any browser and you will see that he forecasted turn dates similar to the forecasts being provided on this site. That is the first step, NOT the geometry.

This whole concept is crucial to understand-yet skipped by the majority.

It is the cycles that make price knowable in advance. The very cycles used on this website. If you cannot forecast the turns, then you cannot forecast price.

So you have put years into Gann and now know you are missing his TIME Component, what can you do about it? Contact me and I will send you free lessons which should start to clear up any confusion.

These lessons are eye openers and will show you the parts you have been missing. Did I mention they are free? Simply go to “contact’ and drop me a line requesting the lessons.